Shortly after VE-DAY, in May of 1945, as a way of showing appreciation for the ground personnel's efforts, the 303rd Bomb Group dispatched several low level flights over Europe, to give the ground personnel a first hand view of the results of the bombing missions that they contributed to.
    There was an official script describing the view seen from the planes, telling a story of what the targets were.  This narrative is shown on another page.    Click here to see the Continental Express Narrative.

First,  a lineup of B-17s getting ready to take off.  I'm not positive that this picture was taken during the Continental Express flight, but it is on the same roll of film, so I think it was.

The following are pictures taken from the B-17 .   A couple of the locations are obvious, such as the Eifel Tower, but
most of these are of unknown subjects.  If anyone can identify them, let me know.