CMP Smart Meters - Installation Complete in Sweden
From: Sue Bell []
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2012 3:11 PM
Subject: Final Smart Meter Update

 Hi Alberta,

The installation of smart meters in Sweden is now effectively complete, so this e-mail will be the final smart meter update about the status of project in your community.  You are welcome to post this update on your website or on a municipal bulletin board.

Later this year, CMP’s customers will be able to view detailed information about their energy usage through the Company’s website.

The installation of smart meters is part of CMP’s plan to build a stronger, smarter grid for Maine. In 2011, CMP invested more than $500 million in Advanced Meter Infrastructure and other grid improvements, and they will spend nearly as much again in 2012.  These investments are creating thousands of jobs for the Maine economy, while ensuring long-term grid reliability and capacity for growth.

On behalf of Central Maine Power, we want to thank municipal officials for providing a forum for us to interact with your residents and businesses and for being a conduit for getting information out and sharing residents’ concerns with us. Your involvement has provided an important public service by allowing an open and transparent way to share information.

If residents are looking for additional information about smart meters, please encourage them to visit CMP’s web site at

Best wishes,

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